Records Management

Records Management

Canon's Records Management consulting practice provides services that support the entire lifecycle of the record from inception to destruction. Utilizing a team of certified professionals, we can assess the organization's existing records and activities related to those records, and compare your records and activities against your stated needs, industry benchmarks, and regulatory requirements.*

Though many companies aren’t sure where to start, Canon Professional Services can help you formulate a records management policy. Engaging certified experts in the area of Records Management, we can assess, analyze, design, and help you implement a records classification scheme inclusive of retention and disposition schedules and electronic storage and retrieval systems.

Typical Business Scenarios



Whether it is a hospital, clinic, doctor's office, lab, or other healthcare organization, there is no shortage of vital information that is stored on paper. Canon Imaging Services specializes in assessing conversion of paper into electronic documents, extracting key data elements; making them available for storage in an electronic system.


Law firms are under pressure to gather and analyze enormous volumes of paper. Canon's Imaging Services can quickly and efficiently take in documents and help users capture paper and extract the relevant information.


Imaging services and Records Management are important for all financial institutions to help facilitate management of records in accordance with regulatory mandates.* Canon’s Imaging and Records Management services can provide assistance in ensuring that information is managed in accordance with the institution’s approved records policy or assist in formulating a policy if one doesn't exist.

General Office

Even the most sophisticated organizations have information stored on paper, which provides an opportunity to improve business operations by migrating to digital environment. Records Management is an integral part of all companies regardless of industry, in order to manage the explosion of information and promote compliance with the organization’s information governance policy. Whether it is a paper to digital conversion project or a comprehensive engagement to author a detailed retention policy, Canon's Imaging and Records Management can help.

*Nothing herein, or otherwise provided, should be construed as legal counsel or regulatory compliance advice. Each customer must have its own qualified counsel to determine the advisability of a particular solution as it relates to regulatory and statutory compliance.