Imaging Services

Canon is a longtime leader in providing scanners and capture solutions to help automate the flow of paper-based information into organizations’ systems. CIIS uses expertise in scoping volumes and assumptions for digital conversion based on client specific needs. Services may be performed at the customer site or at Canon facility depending upon the scope and requirements of the project.

Expedite Implementation of Imaging & Records Management Solutions

Canon’s Records Management services support the entire lifecycle of your records — from inception to destruction. Utilizing a team of certified professionals, we can assess the organization’s existing records and activities related to those records, and compare your records and activities against your stated needs, industry benchmarks, and regulatory requirements.

Though many companies aren't sure where to start, Canon Professional Services can help you formulate a records management policy. Engaging certified experts in the area of Records Management, we can assess, analyze, design, and help you implement a records classification scheme inclusive of retention and disposition schedules as well as electronic and retrieval systems.

Convert Healthcare Records into Digital Format

As the adoption of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Electronic Health Records (EHR) continue, there is an increasing need for medical records scanning. In addition to regulatory mandates, healthcare providers are challenged by the need to provide patient information access virtually any time and anywhere, to help facilitate well-coordinated, quality patient care. Healthcare providers need to support the requirements for the retention of patient records, while trying to minimize file storage space and reduce administrative costs.

Find out more about how CIIS can help, leveraging our Digital Conversion Services for Healthcare.

For applicable terms and conditions and systems and other requirements, please see the product details pages or contact your Canon Information and Imaging Solutions, Inc. sales representative.