My Bloated eMail

July 9, 2018

By Dennis Amorosano, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Canon Information & Imaging Solutions

“You’ve got mail”! Remember how exciting it was to hear those three words? It was amazing. In nearly an instant the nature of communication was changed forever. What once took days now took seconds. Business and personal life would never be the same.

Fast forward to today and electronic mail has become arguably the most important application in every business. According to industry experts electronic mail contains up to 40% of all unstructured corporate information.

While the basics of electronic mail have remained fairly consistent since its inception, a lot has changed as email gained a foothold in organizations of all sizes. That once exciting rush upon hearing you had a new message has been replaced with cries of “dammit I’m sick of all these messages” or “where the hell is that message from Sally”. For those of us (which is most) who get mail on our phones the situation is even worse. Responding to email at 3 a.m.? You should be sleeping. Yes, I’m stupid enough to do it too, as if my response at that hour will make me a more valued employee or more productive. By the way, it doesn’t and it won’t. But I digress.

Email has become an absolute necessity for us, however its usage has evolved into a love/hate relationship. It certainly aides communication, but it’s messy, difficult to organize, hard to search, not the most effective collaboration tool, and over time it becomes bloated – kind of like the feeling after a big Thanksgiving dinner.

Of course, email is not going away. It’s like air. So how to manage email in a more effective manner? Yes, there are solutions. One of the more compelling solutions available today is a technology from mxHero called Mail2Cloud.

Mail2Cloud is quite ingenious in that it sits in the background, capturing both inbound and outbound email messages along with their attachments. It then takes these messages and attachments and archives them in Cloud Content Management (CCM) systems like Box, Egnyte or OneDrive. For messages with attachments, it replaces the attachments with links to the stored content. It does all this automatically, using rule-based settings and its ability to “read” the messages and attachments. And it’s secure, encrypting information in transit and not storing any content other than what it places in the target CCM system.

So what? - you say. Think again. Placing mxHero Mail2Cloud in your environment drives some amazing benefits. First, it relieves the email bloat, removing email file storage from your mail server and storage drives into CCM storage, which is generally much less costly. It eliminates file size limitations when sending mail. It automatically organizes mail and attachments for every user (Amen), and it makes finding content simple - just search in your CCM system.

These benefits alone are big money and time savers, however, mxHero can deliver other, equally important things. When used in conjunction with Box, mxHero can be configured to protect email content. Set email expiration dates, limit who has access to email and attachments, drive legal compliance, and make it easy to kick off all types of workflows. All of this is possible. And for those organizations that don’t want to have email managed in an automated fashion, mxHero has a nice little Outlook Plug-in which provides many of the same benefits but is directly managed by individual users.

Our use of email has scaled to monumental levels and while the technology has improved, it is still one of the most significant application management tasks faced by most IT organizations today. It’s a management challenge impacting large and small organizations alike.

With all the issues associated with email and its effective management the question is “why not address your bloating email problem”? Actually, I think the question is “why wouldn’t you do so”?

By taking a more proactive approach, the once eagerly awaited “You’ve got mail” which has most recently been replaced by “Not more mail”, can once again become a phrase that brings some excitement to our otherwise hectic days.

To find learn more about email management solutions based on mxHero, watch our recorded demo webinar here.