Modern CTO Podcast Musings on the Office of the Future with Dennis Amorosano

August 30, 2018

In episode #59 of the Modern CTO podcast, where modern CTOs hang out, Dennis Amorosano sits down with the show’s host and author Joel Beasley to explore Canon’s role in creating the Office of the Future, Canon’s latest projects and ventures that extend past the common notion of its camera and printer legacies, and how to encourage millennials to pursue their career passions in today’s competitive work environment.

Dennis also touches on Canon’s IoT infrastructure, as well as how it’s AI and machine learning applications can help automate processes to make for more efficient workflows.

“In CIIS, our whole focus is around software and professional services delivery and if you look at the way we’re structured, many of the practice areas that we built center on business process automation, information management and governance, and security and infrastructure services. We’re really looking at how we can leverage Canon’s technology and delivery expertise to help customers strip all the manual processes out of their business workflow and, in doing so, help them to gain the efficiencies associated with work process.”

For more insights into how CIIS is shaping the Office of the Future for today’s enterprises, listen to the full episode.