Digital Conversion Services for Healthcare

Converting existing patient charts into digital records can be a challenge for healthcare providers, taking away from the core focus on patient care.

As the adoption of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Electronic Health Records (EHR) continue, there is an increasing need for medical records scanning. In addition to regulatory mandates, healthcare providers are challenged by the need to provide patient information access virtually any time and anywhere, to help facilitate well-coordinated, quality patient care. Healthcare providers need to support the requirements for the retention of patient records, while trying to minimize file storage space and reduce administrative costs.

Leverage Experts and a Defined, Proven Methodology

Leveraging experts in document imaging and workflow assessment, with in-depth knowledge of document management practices, Canon Information and Imaging Solutions can help transform existing patient records into digital records, with a goal of helping improve efficiency, access to medical files, and facilitating a key aspect of your compliance efforts with healthcare regulations relative to managing patient records*. The Professional Services team will evaluate the records to be converted and identify available options for performing the requested conversion of the contents of the file.

Typical Conversion Activities

  • Identification of conversion scope and specific capture requirements, based on client's systems.
  • Inventory management of files to help ensure a complete reconciliation process is established.
  • Preparation of charts to make them “scan-ready”, including removal of clips, bindings, etc.
  • Scanning of the prepared charts leveraging powerful technology to capture quality images.
  • Data entry of patient information to associate the digital record with the patient information.
  • Use defined processes to manage every step of the conversion activities to help deliver electronic files based on requirements.
  • Design an image capture solution that can provide images ready to be integrated with various business systems.

Our Quality Process

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*Nothing herein should be construed as legal counsel or regulatory compliance advice, including, without limitation, with respect to statutes such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act and the applicable rules and regulations thereunder. You must have your own qualified counsel determine the advisability of a particular solution or service as it relates to regulatory and statutory compliance.