5 Hot Topics for AP Users of JDE and PeopleSoft Technologies

May 12, 2016

Interview with Sri Raju, CEO of Smartbridge, CIIS Solutions Partner, recorded at COLLABORATE 16

By Carol Chen, Marketing Specialist, Canon Information & Imaging Solutions

I just arrived in Las Vegas and was getting ready for Collaborate 16. I was knee deep in boxes working on the Canon booth and little bit exhausted when I met up with Sri Raju, CEO of Smartbridge, one of CIIS Solutions Partners. We talked briefly and it reminded me of all that is going on in our industry – all the hot topics, trends, and how they affect the business world of Oracle users in Accounting, Finance…. Here is a quick excerpt from our discussion. For more info reach out to us via the contact form or email - info@ciis.canon.com.

CC: What are the big topics for users of Oracle technologies this year? As we get ready to meet thousands of JD Edwards and PeopleSoft users, what do you think is top of mind for them?

SR: There are many topics, but the first one that I see is Mobile. This is big for a lot of companies. We are seeing a lot of activity with customers asking about mobile applications. In many cases in Houston, we are hearing about disconnected mobile applications – not connected, but disconnected. In the oil industry, there are rigs out there with no connectivity, and they want disconnected field service.

Another big trend is the Cloud. Cloud has been out there for the last two years, and now everybody is talking about it, including Oracle, when it comes to JD Edwards. Are they ready or not? - I don’t know, and there are different schools of thought.

CC: Agreed. CIIS is also seeing lots of interest in managing AP processes with the right level of control and security...

SR: Security is big, and it is a nightmare for every CIO, and for CFOs – in terms of risk management. A lot of companies are spending a lot of money on security, whether it’s security within JD Edwards, within the enterprise, or security from outside the enterprise into the organization.

CC: Anything new coming from Oracle?

SR: A hot item seems to be Citizen Developer. This is new from Oracle, and they are promoting it quite a bit. Citizen Developer is really making end users powerful to create their own functionality within JD Edwards, by assembling apps or screens quickly rather than having to rely on IT. That is a big play right now, because we do a lot of BI, and self-service is usually a big trend in BI.

CC: Yes, speaking of BI, what are your clients saying about it, relative to AP? What kind of analytics are they considering?

SR: BI (Business Intelligence) is the big topic in the industry. People are learning the importance of BI, whether it is the analysis of data, predictive analysis - looking into the future, IOT and analyzing all of the IOT data, or Big Data. All that is BI, and it is in the center of everything that’s going on today. In regards to AP processes specifically, BI can help with real-time decisions on vendor selection and consolidation. Also, it opens up opportunities for analysis of the company’s spending and operational performance.

To me, these are the five big topics. At Smartbridge, we actually handle all of these five and that’s why we think we are in a great position to help customers.

CC: Thank you so much for your insight, and thank you for joining us.